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Training Her Heart: Olivia--Just a week away!

Book 2 in the Wishful Hearts Collection is already out in print, but the kindle version releases next week on August 24th. You can still get it for the reduced pre-order price of only $1.99 until then. The audiobook is currently with the editor and will be available wide once the final product is posted.

Olivia's story was a bit harder for me to pin down. If it hadn't been for a good friend who let me use snippets of her fantasies from years ago when she was going to the gym, I would have been lost. Another wonderful woman made insightful suggestions that helped me rewrite the ending.

Because of these things, this book holds a special place in my heart. It feels like a collaboration with friends, and this series is about friends.

Here's the blurb for Olivia's story.

They say opposites attract.

Baker, Olivia Nelson has always been one to go after what she wants. Rarely does she let other's opinions get in the way. However, living in Hollywood can chip at your self-esteem. In order to finally get her teenage wish for true love, she figures she'll have to make some changes. First stop, the gym.

Cristian Reyes would love to find someone to settle down with. Unfortunately, the women that hire him as a personal trainer only want to be thinner so they can get the next big role. He's not sure what to make of the pretty baker who doesn't seem to realize how amazing he is.

As their friendship grows, and Olivia continues to search for Mr. Right, Cristian finds himself wishing she'd see him as more than her fitness trainer.

Will Olivia give in to her own growing attraction, or will she stubbornly stick to the items on her wishlist?

If you missed Discovering Her Heart: Kristen, it will be in a kindle countdown starting August 20th.

Finally, there will be a book box giveaway associated with this book. Head over to my Instagram account, follow, and comment on the giveaway post to enter. (It's the most recent post. You must have a US address to win.)

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