Too hot to think, or write much...

I'll be honest, writing has been slow this last month. My muse shows up sporadically and for short visits.

Why? Because it's been a month and a half with only one of our air conditioning units working. The average temp in our house is 78 - 82 degrees F.

Why so long? Because we're trying to go through a home warranty for repairs. I'm starting to think it's not worth it.

The upside? I've lost 5 lbs. Who knew the best diet was being too hot to eat?

However, when she (my muse) does show up, she's been great. DEMON RISING is 3/4 finished and over 75K words. I've also had bouts of inspiration for the HAND OF ATUA rewrite.

That one will go from one book to a trilogy and book one is already hovering at 40K.

Finally, project three is a contemporary romance for my pen name River Ford that will release this November. I'm 23K into that one.

So, I'm moving along but spreading out the words. :) I just wish I could sit and crank out a lot of words at one time and feel like I've made a lot of progress, you know?

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