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The Demon Rising has started!

Book three in my The Magic Wakes series is finally out. It's been almost seven years since book two. Lots of emotional baggage behind that fact, but I think I've finally overcome my insecurity and moved forward. I'm so excited!

The Blurb

Every planet the dragons created will fall. I'll open every demon pit and free the captives to claim a new life. Darkness will rain, and the dragons will weep.” ~Korigorath

Daemon Ryce has waited nearly twenty years for Talia to return to Sendek. He's determined nothing will stop him from harnessing her power and darkening Sendek's suns. Then he will finally have his revenge on the dragons.

Talia and Landry Sutton have traveled far across the galaxy to learn how to combine magic and science so they can bring peace to their world. Unfortunately, much has changed on Sendek in their absence. The demon pit has been opened, and many mages tricked into possession. The mages loyal to Talia have taken refuge on the moon Daedalus, anxiously waiting for her return and hoping for a miracle.

The Suttons may not have uncovered the mysteries they sought on Orek, but they've brought allies who will be more helpful than they know. There are new battles to be fought with even more to lose. However, they each have new secrets, and the dragons are at the heart of it all. Will the growing rift between them be the one thing that finally tears Sendek apart?

The best part? I finally wrote my first space battle and I don't hate it! It may not be the best ever written, but it's a great start for me. :)

As soon as the last author from the 2022 Kickstarter mails her books, I'll be able to run a new project to fund the audiobook production of Demon Rising. Ian McEuen, narrator of The Magic Wakes, has agreed to do book three! He is absolutely amazing and I'm so happy to work with him again.

Stay tuned for more information on that!

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