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Seasons of Sugar Creek Kickstarter is Live!

I'm so excited! For months, I've been working with five other authors to create a small town in Vermont perfect for a Christmas romance series. We're ready to share Sugar Creek with the rest of the world. Each year will see a new season, and we're starting with Christmas.

What better way to start the buzz than by offering a limited edition book box during Christmas in July?

You can shop now for Christmas, and then we will hand wrap, pack, and ship the box this December.

There are three boxes to choose from with two authors in each box. This means you'll get:

  • 2 hardback novels

  • series swag

  • 3 or so mystery gifts from each author

  • 1 of 3 limited edition collectible Christmas ornaments

All you have to do is pledge for the box with the author in it that you want (I'm in Sugar Cookies- Hillary and River). OR you can get all three at the Sugar Cravings level and save $20.

You can also check out my events and groups on this webpage to join and help build a sweet romance community all year long.

Click Here to visit the Kickstarter Project.

Please feel free to share with everyone who loves sweet, small-town romance.

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