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IWSG--What brings you joy?

Updated: May 2

I have sat down three times today to write my post and been called away to other tasks. Now, I'm emotionally drained and incapable of thinking past "what can I binge-watch while eating toast?"

Don't ask. :)

Anyway, I did want to share a quote from a book I'm reading with you. Hopefully, it will strike a chord and help you with any insecurities you might have at this time.

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

~Howard Thurman (THE YAMAS & NIYAMAS by Deborah Adele, page 86

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds! Posting: The first Wednesday of every month is officially Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Post your thoughts on your own blog. Talk about your doubts and the fears you have conquered. Discuss your struggles and triumphs. Offer a word of encouragement for others who are struggling. Visit others in the group and connect with your fellow writer - aim for a dozen new people each time - and return comments. This group is all about connecting! Let’s rock the neurotic writing world! Our Twitter handle is @TheIWSG and the hashtag is #IWSG. The awesome co-hosts for the April 5 posting of the IWSG are Jemima Pett, Nancy Gideon, and Natalie Aguirre!

In other news, look what I got! A crown'd heart from InD'tale Magazine.

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