Loose Leaf Podcast Episode Transcripts

This is where you'll find the written transcripts for the Loose Leaf Author Blog Cast. Several of them still need to be transcribed, so check back often as they'll be updated upon completion. Also, the program I use is a bit finicky. So, sorry. :D

33. What's Your Story Worthy Problem?

32.Benjamin Fife Interview

31. Miracles Music Challenge

30. New Year, New Goals, New Perspective?

29. End of Year Special Reading

28. Ryburn Dobbs Interview

27. Sunken Cathedral Writing to Music Challenge

26. Scott Coon Interview

25. How music affects our writing

24. Damien Larkin Interview

23. Mid-Nano slump

22. End of Week 1 Nano

21. The podcast of mush AKA time management

20. Author Imposter

19. Traci Hunter Abramson Interview

18. Three leaves blowing in the breeze

17. Journal and balance

16. Plotting VS Pantsing

15. Writing journal 2

14. Opposite gender POV

13. Behind the story—Teacher’s Crush

12. Writing journal 1

11. Searching for authentic

10. Hillary Ann Sperry Interview

9. Johan Twiss Interview

8. Has it all been done before?

7. Behind the scenes—Fade Into Me

6. Meet the family

5. Writing scenarios

4. Behind the story—Landscape Love

3. Behind the story—The Magic Wakes part 2 

2. Behind the story—The Magic Wakes

1. Behind the story—Chocolate Kisses

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