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Charity Bradford

Charity’s childhood was full of adventure. From the first grade on, she moved from Kentucky to Alabama to Kentucky to Alabama to…well you get the idea. Although the moving didn’t help her grasp of mathematics, it fostered a deep love of books since those were the friends she could always take with her. 

Now she writes a mix of science fiction and fantasy to create character-driven adventure for all ages.

Charity lives in Northwest Arkansas, loves to dance, camp, hike, bake and eat. She loves to eat so much that she started running after her fourth child was born. She has now run several half marathons and multiple 5k's. She also enjoys cake decorating.

Learn more about her and get access to book deals through her newsletter. You'll also get a free download of Stellar Cloud, her short story collection.


"We all know that trying out a new author is a gamble. I've tried close to a thousand now and I've not found many that are even worth finishing, but books like "The Magic Wakes" are what keeps me going. From the very beginning I got caught up in Talia's story and it kept me intrigued until the very end. I feel this story rates right up there with the best of fantasy and science fiction. And yes, I felt it was that good." ~T.O. Powell, Amazon Review for THE MAGIC WAKES

"This was an exciting scifi space adventure, with an epic feel. The stakes are high and the losses are great. But there's an underlying hope as the two main characters learn to trust in Atua and fight for freedom and peace. I enjoyed the book. It's a great read that's full of action, and a deeper feel than most scifi space operas out there." ~JoBug, Amazon Review for HAND OF ATUA

"Charity paints a beautiful story of healing and love in Fade Into Me. Not only can you feel the magic and beauty of the world she created, but there is a garunteed connection to the characters.
I couldn't put this book down as it pulled me in with the captivating imagery and fast paced events. I highly recommend this book to anyone in pain or loving someone who is suffering. The hope and love I experienced through this story was tangible." ~Happy Reader, Amazon Review for FADE INTO ME

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