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Book Doctor Services


What are the prices for service, and what do I get for that amount?


Consultation: The fee for this hour is $100. If, after we talk, you decide to hire me as your book doctor, that $100 will go toward your final fee. Basically, the hour consultation becomes FREE.


Book Doctor: I charge .04 a word for my services (determined at the beginning of the process). A typical 300-page manuscript (double spaced) is about 75,000 words. This would make the fee $3000


During this process, I will go over your manuscript for a full developmental edit with the end goal of helping you achieve a polished novel you can be proud of. My process is meant to encourage and support you and your goals for your story. This means lots of questions so I can catch your vision.


I’ll take a deep look at:

  • Tone

  • Theme

  • Plot and Structure

  • Stakes and Conflict

  • Narrative Drive (what moves the story forward)

  • Tension

  • Character development and Arcs

  • Dialogue check

  • Setting

  • Pacing


Rundown of the process:

1. You email the first 30 pages of your manuscript so I can go over it before consultation.

2. We meet for an hour-long conversation over zoom or google hangouts. This is to help me get to know you and your goals/vision, as well as give you a chance to ask questions. We will go over the thirty pages so you can see how I work and if that will fit with your needs. I want you to feel comfortable with putting your manuscript in my hands.


3. You email the full manuscript and I get to work. Depending on the length of your book and genre, this could take a month to two months.

4. When I’m finished, I’ll email the manuscript back to you using the review and track changes feature of Word. 


5. Now that you have the edited version of your manuscript, you go over the entirety of it at your own pace. Many of my comments are meant to give insight to the thought process of a potential reader. This will help you know if your story is coming across the way you wished. Others are meant to teach, illuminate, and inspire you. You get to decide which suggestions to accept and which ones to let go. Whether you agree with all of my thoughts or not, we’ll get one more chance to talk through your questions. 


6. When you’re ready, we have another hour-long consultation. You can ask whatever questions you might have about my suggestions. If needed, you can use it as a brainstorming session if needed to help fill in plot holes, missing scenes, etc. I’m here to help you understand the suggestions and ways to implement them.


This is the end of the book doctoring session, and the book is back in your hands. If you’d like help with other parts of the publishing process, you can purchase add-ons.


Line Editing: This should only take place after the book doctoring process has been completed, and you have made all the final changes you wish to make. I will correct most typos and grammar as I see them during the book doctoring process. However, this does not mean your book is ready for publication. For an additional .02 a word, I can do a line edit if you want it. (This is all about typo clean up, punctuation, etc)


Additional Services for Indie Authors


Book Blurb Help: Do you hate having to write the content for the book jacket? Since I’ve read your book, I can help you come up with the copy. For $40 I will provide a short description and long description.

Book Layout: I can prepare the interior design layout for print and ebook formats. I’ll provide you with pdf, mobi, and epub files. Price: $50

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Walk-through and Setup: If you've never published using KDP, I can walk you through the process step by step. At the end, your book will be loaded for kindle as well as print publication. This could take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. $100

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