Episode 15--Journal 2

Charity: [00:00:00] Welcome to loose leaf, a multiple author writing journal, where we talk goals, the ups and downs of writing techniques and where we try to warn you off our greatest pitfalls. 

HIllary: [00:00:14] We'll give it a shot because we don't have much time and we'd rather be writing. So true 

Charity: [00:00:21] well, I'm back from traveling. Hillary has been super busy as well, but we thought we would.

Get a quick minute in and talk to you and, and report on our goals. Do you want to start in Hillary? 

HIllary: [00:00:34] Sure. My goal was to finish the, I think it was the first Christmas novella. Um, I did not, not because I couldn't have, but because I chose not to, I changed my goals midweek. 

Charity: [00:00:48] Oh, I was going to say, are we having any recurring pitfall?

HIllary: [00:00:53] I'm constantly choosing not to complete my goals. But not for bleeding. Am I accomplishing that? I don't know. No. Um, I chose to change up my plan a little bit, trying to get my Christmas stories out by Christmas this year. Was just not really feasible, so I'm working on them, but I'm going to be getting them out by Christmas next year.

So probably well by mid year, next year. Yeah, that sounds great. Yeah. Which will, should be really perfect. And then before then, right now I'm actually working on a cozy mystery novella that I have committed to have written for. The Missouri star quilt company magazine next year. That's what I'm working on right now.

I'll work on my motorcycle romances after that and my, um, Christmas novellas and who knows what else? I actually have a full, cozy mystery that I went to ride a full length on not just an umbrella. So that would be really fun. It's kind of funny. 

So is the novella you said going to be for the magazine again next year?

Yeah. It'll be a six part. Just the same as it was this year, but I'm new story and I've already got the plot going on that. And I said, digging back into my cozy mystery side and feeling the feeling of the drama. Can't wait. That's fun. Okay. How about you? 

Charity: [00:02:14] So my goal was to finish. A Christmas dance. I'm not even sure what the title is without it in front of me.

Uh, during my travels did not happen, but I had a great time with my family and, uh, that's worth something. 

HIllary: [00:02:28] We should allow that to be one of our hosts this week. We're having fun with her family. That's a 

Charity: [00:02:33] goal and it was good. We got the kids off to college. So the last two, three days, I've been trying to get my brain back into writing.

And I'm struggling, but I'm, we'll get there. It has to be done. Yeah. 

HIllary: [00:02:48] Well, and when we do it consistently, it's a lot easier to stay in that mindset. And when we leave and do the vacation thing and we are brand star heading other places, it's hard to come back and be like, yes, 

Charity: [00:02:58] I'm totally off. Exactly. And I find that my brain.

Keeps wanting to work on the science fiction and I'm like, no, you just have to wait. And, uh, 

HIllary: [00:03:10] that's hard. And you're almost done with this one though, too. So once you're done with that, you'll, you'll get to treat yourself a little science fiction. 

Charity: [00:03:18] I actually started watching some TV show on Netflix. That's all about teenagers in high school, and I'm like, I'm going to get into this teenage frame of mind since it's a young adult sci-fi.

And even though it's not Saifai. I'm like, okay. Yeah. I can think like a teenager again. So I just need to finish this, this romance and move on. 

HIllary: [00:03:37] Yeah. That's seriously helps so much. I've actually been doing the same thing with the cozy mysteries. Um, we didn't talk pitfalls. 

Charity: [00:03:44] Yeah. So my pitfall was just. I wouldn't call it a pitfall because it really was time to focus on my family, on my kids, since it would be the last week for us to be together for a couple of months.

And, um, I don't regret it. So that's a good thing. I don't 

HIllary: [00:04:01] regret it. Yeah, no, that's not a pitfall. That's just a, I don't even want to call it a challenge. It's just a difference. It's just things that we have to deal with. Two authors. As authors, we deal with all sorts of stuff. And 

Charity: [00:04:12] sometimes real life has to take precedence to our imaginary worlds.

HIllary: [00:04:17] Talk on it. I love it. It's true. Um, I guess my pitfall would just be setting reasonable goals, you know? Reminding myself that I don't have to have all of this done right now. And that's kind of what I've been thinking about a lot and being like, you know, since I changed my goal and move that, push that deadline back, I was, I was excited about it.

I really wanted to do it. I have most of the stories blocked out already. Yeah. But, uh, and they really could be written pretty quickly, but there's so much more to it and pushing them back and allowing myself to really. Um, create the way that I need to create my whole body. Just kind of relaxed and went, okay.

Oh, I'm happier. Oh, this is better. And so my husband, because like, you're like, I'm so glad you changed your plan. I was like, 

Charity: [00:05:11] what I'm learning from this is. Well last week when you mentioned that was your goal. My first thought was, wow, that's a lot to do before this Christmas. Cause most holiday romances start coming out in October, November and I thought, wow.

So, so I'm learning that I need to speak out and say, Hey, Hillary, let's think about this. And then it would be okay to say that. And you know, I think we get so caught up in wanting to encourage each other that maybe. Neither one of us was being 

HIllary: [00:05:40] realistic. So yeah, that was a fun, it was, it's a fun idea to, well, and I think part of my challenge with it was I have been working on it since the beginning of the year.

I've been wanting to do it and planning to do it, and I just kept putting it off and I put it off too long. So then we have to own it and say, all right, 

Charity: [00:05:56] let's, let's make a new 

HIllary: [00:05:56] timeline, new timeline. 

Charity: [00:05:58] Okay. Okay. So new goal, Nicole, you, can, you kind of talk about it? Continue working on them, work on your coziness 

HIllary: [00:06:06] history, the cozy mystery that's what's next.

My husband is out of town next week. So I actually, um, Found cozy mysteries are still kind of new for me. I've done one, but it's, it's still kind of a learning process. I'm going into it every time, kind of researching what the standards of that industry are. Because as much as I love them, I mean, I'll sit and watch that watch cozy mystery movies and things like that and love them.

I read them. They're great. It's different. When you get into start writing it to be able to really make sure you hit the beats where you need to and make sure that you give the reader what they want out of that book. So I've been doing some looking into that right now and setting up my timelines and blocking it all out.

So I don't know for sure. My goal is to have that, um, a draft of that next week. And so how many words? Like 12,000. Okay. Definitely block that out. Oh yeah. None amount of time. Yeah. The hardest part about it is, um, The clues. I have to really figure out what the story is and be are aware to lay all the clues and writing the story would be no big deal, but I don't know what the story is.

Yeah. So I guess my goal actually is to at least know what the story is by next week. And I would like to have, I would like to have it written. But I'm not going to put that as my goal yet receiving me I'm working on reasonable 

Charity: [00:07:26] goals. So, so maybe your main goal is to decide what the 

HIllary: [00:07:32] story is and what they did,

and then 

Charity: [00:07:39] you'll be able to drop in your clues a little bit easier. Yeah. That's, that's a great goal. I definitely do need to finish my draft. Uh, today I went back and I'm starting kind of editing from the first chapter to help me get my brain back into the story so that when I do finish, at least that first chunk will be fairly ready.

It should be pretty close to the same time on the editing. So my goal will be once again, in a week. I have to have this story finished because the deadline is October 

HIllary: [00:08:10] 15th. So what does that give you right now that puts you at a little less than a month? 

Charity: [00:08:14] Uh, yes, a little less than a month. And I only need about 8,000 words to meet the minimum word requirement for this box set.

Do you think 

HIllary: [00:08:22] the story is going to let you finish an eight though? 

Charity: [00:08:24] I think so because I'm feeling a little lazy. So the draft definitely will be, but maybe when I get it back from my beta readers, I'll go on and I'm actually expanding as I'm editing right now. So I guess I'm revising slash editing at the time.

I gotcha. Putting in the more of the descriptions, trying to fill in the stuff that I usually do later. Which is going to bump up my word count. I think it's just because I am so stuck in this they're dating and I'm like, okay, I'm bored. Let's move on. So really the only thing left story is the, and this is what I don't like about romance is you have to follow the steps of a romance and.

It drives me crazy because life doesn't follow those steps. And so, so many times I'm like, realistically, that could be it. And we could be done with this story, but the romance readers expect certain elements to happen in a certain order. 

HIllary: [00:09:18] Where are you? What's missing. Right. So 

Charity: [00:09:20] it's, it's the time where they get split apart.

Oh yeah. Most of the time they're just like asked to happen don't reason and I'm like, okay, have a good reason. And he's gonna go home. Cause his daughters had help. Okay, but I do have a good reason 

HIllary: [00:09:35] not to you realistic 

Charity: [00:09:38] reason, which makes me happy. But then, because it's so realistic. It will make it easier for him to come back and then I can wrap it up.

So it's just doing the words and putting it down and trying to make it exciting. Cause sometimes real life is just not exciting. 

HIllary: [00:09:54] Well, and one of the things I love about the story that you have right here, it's about an older couple. It is real life. It feels like things that could have really happened.

And people who found each other on a whim and disappear from each other's lives. And now they've been through this whole world of everything on it, on different sides of the country and they find each other again because they, they still remember. And yeah. It's just sweet to see them in these golden years of their lives and coming together and being like, Hey, let's see if this is a Dilla thing.

Let's see if this really was worth it. And I kinda love it. 

Charity: [00:10:31] Thank you. That makes me feel good. That, that will help me. When I sit down to write, I'm like, okay, Hillary likes it. If that's okay. Cause 

HIllary: [00:10:37] she likes it and my daughter likes to read it, but I was telling her about it. She's like,

Charity: [00:10:48] okay. Well, that's, um, short and sweet today, short and sweet. And I guess we talked about what we learned. What did you, did you talk about what you learned or a technique you're working on? Uh, I guess something 

HIllary: [00:11:00] we learned. Yeah. Ooh. Yeah. That's I guess something I'm working on, isn't it, uh, trying to figure out how to write a cozy mystery.

Bye. I actually found some really cool things online that are, um, helpful. There's a, a website that like has a 30 day launch challenge for it, cozy mystery, and it like shows you how to block the whole thing out. And I mean, To start with, I think that's going to be great for me. I'm I totally need to know those blocking points.

Um, it's kind of at that point where you need to know the rules so you can break them. That's true. So I still really love to tell the story as it needs to be told the last one, I didn't really know much of the points of what I was supposed to do about anything. I just told it anyway, and it was 

Charity: [00:11:41] great. It worked out and people are enjoying 

HIllary: [00:11:44] it.

Oh, I think so. Last I heard they were. Yeah. I don't think the last, the last part of the. Uh, 2020 story is out yet. 

Charity: [00:11:53] So then you'll really know they enjoyed it when they get the 

HIllary: [00:11:55] ending. That's all right. I think. And they don't. I think they like one more. 

Charity: [00:11:58] Yeah. I love that. You said you have to know the rules before you can break them because we do break the rules all the time and that's what 

HIllary: [00:12:05] makes it our story.

And that's what makes it exciting. That's what makes the stories unique, um, is allowing those little bits of difference. So, yeah, you just got to figure out what I got to do first, so that it's satisfying as well. Awesome. 

Charity: [00:12:18] Well, I'm excited about it and I can't wait to hear how 

HIllary: [00:12:22] it goes. Thanks. Yeah, same.

We'll be checking in again next week. 

Charity: [00:12:27] And, uh, anyone out there listening has a topic, you would like us to tackle something. You want us to talk about writing, or if there are specific genre. Focused things that you would like to learn more about. Let us know. You can email me@charitydotbradfordatgmail.com and we'll get on it.

And hopefully we'll have kale with us again soon, and that's pretty much it. So I guess we'll just say until next time, ya.

Charity Bradford. 

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