Episode 12--Writing Journal 1

Charity: [00:00:00] Welcome to loose leaf, the author podcast of a woman with multiple personality.

Hillary: [00:00:12] And now we have multiple authors. They're just multiplying all the time. Welcome to loose leaf, a multi-author Dern writers journal, where we talked about goals, ups, downs, and try to help you warn off of our greatest pitfalls.

Charity: [00:00:25] Yes. 

Do you guys remember Hillary from a couple of weeks ago? Hey, I'm glad you're here with me. 

Hillary: [00:00:32] I'm excited. 

Charity: [00:00:33] I think we're going to have a lot of fun and mostly we want to use this as a way to, as Hillary said, share with you. What we're doing our goals for writing, 

Hillary: [00:00:44] because we're not really good at checking up on ourselves.

So we want to kind of keep each other in check. Yes. 

Charity: [00:00:51] And, uh, hopefully as we do this, it'll help you motivate you if you're writing. And it also just give you a look into what it's like to be. You're a writer. 

Hillary: [00:00:59] Yeah. It's honestly, the every week is. Kind of the same sometimes as a writer and you start getting bogged down in all of that, and it's hard to keep yourself motivated and going.

And when we come in, we're going to just share what we've been doing and help keep each other going and hopefully help keep you going. Yeah. 

Charity: [00:01:17] Hillary, why don't you start what's one of the goals or something that you learned last week with your writing? 

Hillary: [00:01:26] All right. So last week, uh, my goal was to finish my book.

I didn't make that call yet. That's also going to be my goal for next week is to finish my book. I'm in a spot where I've, if I don't finish quickly, I'm going to, I'm going to be hurting because my deadlines are coming fast. So that's my goal is. Finish this book, the book is written. I just am on the editing process.

And editing for me is hard. It's one of those where I have to kind of beat myself against the wall to say, sit down and edit the dang book. So that's, that's kind of what my goals are. How about you? Where are your goals this week? Or last week. 

Charity: [00:02:02] Okay. So, um, last week, my main thing was I have been really stuck.

I have lots of projects I need to work on, but I just didn't want to. So for me, I really wanted to kind of find that joy again and that desire to sit down and write, because if you're going to do it, you need to enjoy it. So I did a lot of reflection and a lot of thinking. And so. My new goal this week is I'm taking an old project that was published and kind of left to fall by the wayside.

And I'm ripping that book up and turning it into a three book series. So I'm excited again, because 

Hillary: [00:02:40] super exciting. It's going to be a lot of work and we're not sitting here, 

Charity: [00:02:46] not as excited about the word. There's a lot of decisions that need to be made. So, so this week I need to make some big picture decisions on.

If ages are changing where we're starting each book, how we're going to make it better and make it worth the time 

Hillary: [00:03:03] and effort that's going into it. It was really fun though. Cause we were sitting here talking about it a minute. I got, I was getting all giddy and like bouncing on the couch. Just talking about the ideas of the potential for this story.

I write sweet romance. And this is a science fiction book that she's looking into because that's where her passion lies. And it's just so fun when you start talking about ideas in these different areas. It doesn't matter if that's what I write. It's just exciting. 

Charity: [00:03:27] I know. And it helps cause it keeps me excited.

So that's why I think this, this is going to be a great thing for us to get together every week, check in and say, Hey, how did you do. And then talk about what we struggled with 

Hillary: [00:03:40] and pinky promise. We're keeping this short because, because we just don't have that much time and I'm assuming you 

Charity: [00:03:46] don't either.

Okay. So you said last week, you did not make your goal. 

Hillary: [00:03:50] What do you think is okay. You're I still love myself. I know. 

Charity: [00:03:54] So let me too, and I know you're going to get there, but what do you think the biggest obstacle was that kept you from reaching that goal? Ooh, 

Hillary: [00:04:02] my own time management probably that's really what it was.

I, I know what I need to do. And actually it was interesting cause I've been doing a writer's conference this weekend. And one of the authors was talking about writing quickly and efficiently, and I'm like, I need that. Listen to that. And really you don't learn anything new in those things. It's really just a matter of you have to sit down and do it.

You know, that you, you can set aside time, you know, that you need to block these things off and you just have to do it. And. As a mom, I have five kids and we actually sent one of our kids off to college this last week. We're sending him another one off to college next week. I think it's next week, actually.

No, it's this week, next week. It's next week. Really good at this mom stuff. 

Charity: [00:04:56] It's because there's so many distractions in our place. 

Hillary: [00:05:00] We have a lot of stuff going on, but my kids need me. They, you know, we're, we all have people who need us and draw on our time and it's terrible because sometimes we'll be sitting there leads in my room, trying to work on my book and my kids will come in and they'll just be like, Well, I don't know what to do and falling apart.

And so I'm like, okay, I have to be break. I have to help you because I'm a mom first, as much as I love my writing, I am a mom first. However, I'm trying to be very careful about the time that I have and make sure that I'm putting in enough to be able to get this done because yeah, I'm having some hard deadlines here, so it's going to happen.

I will be done next week when we talk again. My book will be at the end. There's yes, 

Charity: [00:05:39] not me. Yes. I work at a whole due to that.

Hillary: [00:05:44] Not really gay, but again, 

Charity: [00:05:48] no facility is good. Cause I know the only times I've really gotten things done is when I have that hard deadline. And I know someone's going to be saying, Hey. Where is it? You made this promise. So hopefully that's going to help you as well. And the words are just going 

Hillary: [00:06:03] to flow.

Yay. Okay. Tell us about yours. Your was, um, switching your goals around so that you are happy with what you're doing at all so that you can be writing. Yes. 

Charity: [00:06:14] The last. Year or two, I have mostly been writing clean romance, which I enjoy, but it's not where my passion is. And I had a really good heart to heart with my husband.

And he just asked me, he's like, why are you doing this? You're miserable. I haven't heard you say one positive thing about your writing life in a long time. It came down to, well, romance makes me money. It's not a lot, but it actually has, you know, Income, my science fiction does not sell. And so he's like, well, then just, don't worry about making money.

If you're writing simply to make a dollar and you're miserable, it's not worth it. I could realize that he was right. And so that night I didn't sleep a lot. I was just mulling over ideas. And I thought about that last book that. I took the easy route. I got lazy and I smashed it all into one book instead of challenging myself to write things I didn't want to write.

I decided, well, I just need to pick it apart, separated out and see where I'm at. And I got really excited 

Hillary: [00:07:18] when I saw it to start jumping on the couch again, because you can see your face and you can see how she gets excited about it. And this book is going to be all these books. Multiple books are going to be awesome.

Charity: [00:07:29] I know, and it's a good feeling. It's a good feeling. There's like I said, a lot of work, but I feel good about it. And it does make me happy. So even though, I mean, we were talking about it earlier, book two is going to be a beast because it's all from the guy's point of view and I'm not a guy. So that's going to be a challenge to write from a guy's point of view.

And it's his military years, which also not in my wheelhouse of experience. So it's gonna be a lot of research and we're 

Hillary: [00:07:54] putting some stuff together actually to work on that ourselves. We're hopefully soon going to be pulling in, uh, gentlemen. Uh, yes,

gentleman, caller. We're going to be having another author, join us. And we're going to talk about different points of view. So that'll be fun. We obviously have that on our mind right now. 

Charity: [00:08:15] Yeah. So hopefully soon kale will be able to join us. He has a regular job to support his family. So, uh, 

Hillary: [00:08:22] well, our jobs are exciting and not regular are special.

You're going to get to watch us go through the process of being very low income offers to increasing that. Cause that is my goal. Yes. And I know that's charities, we're writing and we're working on this. We're going to do it together. So join us and we will get to increase our career and all of these things.

And yeah, we've 

Charity: [00:08:48] been at going. We'll make sure we're completely honest with you as well about the things that tie us down and give us writer's block the things that prevent us from reaching our goals. Because I mean, it's, that's just a fact of life that you set a goal and something's always going to happen to slow you down or prevent you from getting there and you just have to bully 

Hillary: [00:09:08] through it.

Pretty much. I actually don't really believe in writer's block just because of that. There it's something that it's an excuse. I feel like I know for everybody, every situation is different. I can't actually say that you don't have writer's block because you might, in my experience, I don't believe in it because really what has to happen is you just have to sit down and put the words on the page and suddenly, you know what, you're not blocked.

You find, you just don't know where you're going. I think that actually, what that means is that you're a pantser. 

Charity: [00:09:37] Yes. Yes. And I'm 

Hillary: [00:09:38] definitely a pantser. Yes. And so then you just have to work your way through and figure out where the story is going. Next. Something will grab you, something will help you write, and then you can go clean up with the weird words that you put in there.

You can clean them up 

Charity: [00:09:50] later. So yeah, I love, I love that you said that actually, because. It really is a choice that you have to make, because we're all going to have days when we don't want to sit down and write, because most likely we 

Hillary: [00:10:01] don't know where we're going. Okay. So we're wrapping this up fairly quickly here.

And, uh, last thing we want is to talk about a technique or something that we did this last week. Something in our writing that maybe we noticed or we're working on. And for me, Mine really was, uh, well, I have two things here. One was the keep writing. Then I kind of talked about already, but my other was that I went in and with writing romance, I am still developing a real smooth process for that.

One of the things that I went in as I went in and strengthened my character's goals, their whole purpose is to fall in love, but it's not. So I had to figure out what their other goals were and how they are opposite from each other. So then what they're actually doing is overcoming the obstacles to be able to fall in love.

And they already had them. I mean, I had to go, just look in what they were doing already and just define them so that I could make that an actual point because everything that they do then becomes colored by these goals that they have. And. It helps strengthen the story. And that was kind of a big thing and made it, it made the way that they moved through the different scenes a lot clearer.

So that was really helpful. That's 

Charity: [00:11:10] excellent. And when you were saying that, I just thought. I wonder if that will help you not be repetitive because I've read a lot of romance books where I wonder if the author didn't pin down the goals, because it seems like the same thing keeps coming up. Like, like the author is still figuring it out.

So it'll be interesting to see as you go through this, if, you know, cross my fingers. Wonderful. The thing that I really concentrated on this week as I restarted writing is. Hooks. Ooh, fun ending a chapter or a scene with a hook that makes the reader want to go to the next one is not my strong suit because I have my goal for the scene and I'm like, yay.

I reached my goal for the scene I'm done and it just ends. And there's really no reason for the reader, unless they just happen to like what's going on and have time to go to the next one. So I'm really working harder on leading. The reader into the next scene, the next chapter, so that they're interested and want to keep reading.

And that's an 

Hillary: [00:12:08] interesting one for me, because you always think of hooks at the beginning of the chapter. You want to hook them at the beginning of the chapter, pull an S, but I know they're important at the end. However, you don't want to have just that cutoff where it feels like it. You don't want to do the irritating with you.

Don't have to feel like they're being pulled into the next chapter. Like they have no choice, but like they want to go and get there. So that's, that's really fun. Um, I have another thought on that, but it's gone. So yeah.

Charity: [00:12:35] Well, I'm excited about this and I'm excited that it's something that we get to do together, and it'll be fun to see who all we can bring in with us. In the future to talk about and our multi author, our multi authors. Yes. The personalities are definitely multiplied and that's a good 

Hillary: [00:12:54] thing. That's always a good thing, but I don't know if I've ever heard anyone say only a writer can say that 

Charity: [00:13:03] there you go.

Cause all your writer can be happy that there are voices. Finally talking in their head again, and here 

Hillary: [00:13:09] we go, there things only an author can write about. Thanks for joining us. We'll see you next time.

Charity Bradford. 

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